International aid provides a key element of development financing. For many of the poorest countries, official development assistance (ODA) represents the largest source of external financing. The listed countries apart from lump sum grants to WARDI on specific developmental projects has continually meet  the UN target of giving 0.7% of their gross national product in international assistance.

  • Australian Government
  • Belgium Government
  • Danish Government
  • German Government
  • Japanese Government
  • South Korea Government
  • United States Government
  • Alfred Noble Foundation.
  • United Nations

Japan gives high priority to Africa (i.e.Sub-Saharan Africa) in providing economic assistance in order to contribute to the solution of various problems in African countries, as part of its global responsibility to help achieve peace and stability throughout the world.

Since 1988, Japan’s official development assistance (ODA) to Africa apart from direct grants to African Regional Programme Development Agency has been the largest for any region in the world with the exception of Asia. Furthermore, as of 1994 Japanese aid to Africa (calculated on a net disbursement basis) was more or less second among the DAC (Development Assitance Committee) of the OECD countries after France, and thus basically on a par with Germany and the United States