Distribution of Grant Aid by Areas

Danish Development Policy
Poverty reduction remains the fundamental challenge for Danish development cooperation. At the same time, Danish development policy is recognized as a central and integral part of Danish foreign and security policy Danish development assistance takes the most urgent problems in the developing countries as its starting point and at the same time reflects the values underlying Denmark’s international behavior. Since 2001, the Danish Government has worked consistently to reorient and reprioritise Denmark’s development assistance in order for it to carefully reflect current global development challenges, threats and opportunities with a view to ensuring maximum impact and sustainability of the development initiatives.

Belgium Government Development, Assistance: Policy and Funding 
Belgian development policy historically has tied development assistance to business interests, resulting recently in a series of corruption-related scandals in the foreign aid system. In response to these events, the Belgian government has reorganized the Administration for Development Cooperation (AGCD), the main agency in charge of administering development assistance.

German Government Development Policy
With a development assistance program of $5.9 billion in 1997, Germany is the fourth largest donor nation in total aid volume. Germany accepts the UN goal that donor countries should give 0.7 percent of GNP in development assistance.