About Us

West African Regional Programme Development Agency (WARDI) is an institution initiated by the World Bank and other donor agencies principally to function as Multi-Lateral Organ for Socio Economic Development in Africa especially in achieving lasting solution in eradication of poverty and underdevelopment.

Apart from being an implementing partner to the World Bank on developmental projects in Africa, the Agency serves as a vital linkage between other international communities especially Donor countries/Agencies in ensuring that procurement in projects financed by the World Bank and other Donor Countries/Agencies are conducted in accordance with its Articles of Agreement.

The Articles of Agreement requires the WARDI to make arrangements to ensure that Loans/Grants proceeds so provided for developmental projects in Africa are used only for the purposes for which such funds was provided for and to further ensure that Political and other non-economic influences or considerations do not influence Procurement/Awards of Contracts/Projects. Finally to maintain efficiency, fairness and transparency of all expenditure which is critical to sustainable development.


Our team has the best people who:
.Are commercially astute
.Are experts in their field
.Own and advocate policy and compliance
.Build strategic relationships
.Enable transnational leverage, efficiency and excellence
.Are professional and take pride in their work

Mr. Eric Maxwell (HON) was among the committee member set up by the African union in Ending Conflict and Building Peace in Africa and now the present Chairman contract award committee The West African Regional Program Development Agency (WARDI)

Mr. Eric Maxwell (HON)
Administration/Due Diligence Office Of the
Excutive Chairman Contract Award Committee
West African Rural Development Initiative (WARDI)

Leonardina Doris Rita

(1) Mr. Semodji Kokou
(2) Afi Ntifa Kolani
(3) Amenyo Bawara
(4) Adjeoda Dzifa
(5) Essozimna Bernadette
(6) Francois Galley
(7) Djimon Ayassor
(8) Agadzi Koura
(9) Mrs Felicia Gbegho